[anime review] My Senpai is Annoying #2 “Udon, Tokidoki Mangetsu”


My Senpai is Annoying

“My Senpai is Annoying” is the story of Harumi Takeda, a large, slightly crass and rough senior, and Futaba Igarashi, a petite and cute junior. The original work can be read in a variety of media, from Twitter and pixiv to webcomics and books.

Although it is a romantic comedy work, the description of romance is very careful, and you can feel the feelings of the main character Futaba and the other characters. It’s a little embarrassing to watch because it makes us feel sweet and sour. In addition, the sub-characters in the background are also carefully depicted.

I took it as a work to enjoy Futaba’s wavering heart, but it is also a work to enjoy the warm eyes of the people around her who watch over her.

As an aside, it is said that the Japanese literary giant Soseki Natsume once translated “I love you” into Japanese as “Isn’t the moon is beautiful”. It is not clear whether this story is true or not. However, as a counterpart to “I love you,” I think it is a beautiful translation, expressed with the overlapping of hearts, seeing the same thing and feeling the same way. Now, what kind of moon is the moon in this story?

※This article is based on viewing as of October 26,2021.

#2 “Udon, Tokidoki Mangetsu

Episode #2 is 23 minutes 45 seconds(1425 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.

<the characters>

Futaba Igarashi
The protagonist and heroine. She is small and cute, but she wants to be more mature. She is annoyed with Takeda, her senpai, but she is very interested in him.
Harumi Takeda
Futaba’s senpai. In contrast to Futaba, he is a large and sturdy man. She always treats Futaba like a child and is annoyed by her.
Tōko Sakurai
She is a beautiful woman with a great style and is popular among male staff at work. He is Futaba’s senpai and is a co-worker of Kazama.
Sōta Kazama
Futaba’s senpai. A simple and inconspicuous type. He’s attracted to Ms. Sakurai.
Natsumi Kurobe
Futaba’s best friend. She has a great style and is good at playing games. Her eyes were gentle as she watched Futaba.

Futaba, who had said something outrageous to Takeda-senpai in a drunken stupor, wanted to do something to clear up Takeda-senpai’s misunderstanding. But Futaba couldn’t find the right moment. The manager of the department couldn’t stand the sight of her, so she managed to get some time alone with Takeda.


On her way back to the office after lunch, Futaba is embarrassed when Kazama and his colleagues see her walking with Takeda-senpai. On the other hand, she couldn’t help wondering what Takeda-senpai thought of her. Futaba is depressed when she compares her childish self to Ms. Sakurai, and her desire to be seen as a “woman” by Takeda-senpai grows. However, Takeda-senpai was completely oblivious to Futaba’s sentiments


While playing with her best friend Natsumi, Futaba received a “Kuma Nikuman” from a store. Futaba stuffs “Kuma Nikuman” into her chest, thinking it might make her look more mature. At Natsumi’s command, she had to go home with “Kumani-Kuman” stuffed in her chest. Unfortunately, she meets Takeda and Kazama on the train. Kazama noticed the change in Futaba, but Takeda didn’t notice anything. Futaba was more troubled than ever.


Futaba is voyeuristically photographed on the train while moving for work. Takeda-senpai catches sight of this and throws the voyeur away with his signature judo move. Futaba is reassured by Takeda-senpai’s willingness to protect her, even at great risk, and gradually becomes more honest about her emotions. Meanwhile, Ms. Sakurai, the flower of the workplace, finds herself developing feelings for Kazama, who saved her from the advances of a persistent co-worker. This was the moment when two loves were born. …… But, Takeda-senpai is as insensitive as ever.

#2 Highlights.

  • Hand and facial expressions to express awakening of love.
  • Two Smiling Loves.
  • Meaning of Udon noodles with egg topping.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (284 sec)

Something wrong with Futaba. 15 sec

Previous mistake. 42 sec

She need to do something. 23 sec

She couldn’t. 26 sec

Opening Theme. 90 sec

Man of ability. 39 sec

He took care of her because she was his junior. 34 sec

Plain udon. 15 sec

shō (280 sec)

Beauty appreciation lunch. 16 sec

Ms. Sakurai, the flower of the workplace. 60 sec

Futaba doesn’t want to be misunderstood. 45 sec

Kazama is a witty guy. 15 sec

Futaba’s brain is full of Takeda-senpai. 30 sec

Futaba envies Mr. Sakurai. 30 sec

History of Defeat. 20 sec

He knows. 25 sec

Hey, Kazama! 9 sec

She doesn’t want Takeda-senpai to treat her like a child. 30 sec

ten (426 sec)

Natsumi is good at games. 30 sec

Futaba likes cute things. 35 sec

Natsumi is brilliant. 55 sec

Natsumi knows, too. 43 sec

Futaba makes a regrettable mistake. 37 sec

The only one who noticed was Kazama. 30 sec

A bed of needles. 30 sec

Futaba convinced. 20 sec

Poor grandpa. 80 sec

How did it come to this? 20 sec

ketsu (340 sec + 95sec)

Pushy salesman. 30 sec

Wrong number? 60 sec

Senpai was protecting me. 10 sec

That’s sexual harassment. 20 sec

Takeda-senpai is very strong. 30 sec

Never forgive you. 30 sec

More important things. 30 sec

Futaba feeling a little relieved. 30 sec

An invitation from the Goddess. 45 sec

Like! 15 sec

I’m totally in love with senpai. 15 sec

Isn’t the moon is beautiful. 25 sec

Ending Theme. 90 sec

Great illustration! 5 sec

Scene replay

Senpai was protecting me. 10 sec

Like! 15 sec

It’s a smiling scene, but in real life, it usually ends up with people being creeped out.

Plain udon. 15 sec

Isn’t the moon is beautiful. 25 sec

The use of “udon” instead of the moon itself is very stylish.


 The interaction between Futaba and Takeda-senpai is fun, but the way everyone around them pities Futaba is also very funny. Futaba, who thinks she’s hiding her feelings for her senpai but it’s obvious, is also cute. It’s no wonder she is loved by everyone.

2 also depicted the love between Ms. Sakurai and Kazama. The movement of Ms. Sakurai’s hands as she spoke to Kazama was eloquent, and the performance clearly showed that she had the courage to speak to him. And the twinkle that gives meaning to the word “like”. It’s too much bright for an old man like me.

 The extreme is the relationship between the moon and love. Futaba, who was eating plain udon in the opening scene, orders the egg-topped udon in the last scene after she realizes her love for Takeda-senpai. Udon noodles topped with an egg are called “Moon-viewing (Tsukimi) Udon”. This is probably a combination of “Isn’t the moon is beautiful (I love you)” and the meaning of the beginning of love.

 In the beginning, the udon is just plain udon, but when Futaba is depressed, we see a close-up of the crescent moon, and in the final scene, when their love begins, we see the full moon of “Moon-viewing (Tsukimi) Udon”. What a stylish direction! I think this proves that this anime is not just a run-of-the-mill work that capitalized on the popularity of the original work.