[anime review] Zillion episode 1 “My Name Is J.J.”



You won’t see it on TV’s anime masterpieces introductions, but “Zillion” was a popular title among middle and high school boys at the time of its airing. Many uncles must have been enamored with the heroine, Apple.

The story is set on a colony planet in 2387 A.D. and the main character belongs to a special forces unit, which is a bit of a tall order. The ” Zillion,” the ray gun that gave the film its title, was a fascinating toy. I remember being envious that my classmates were getting Zillion toys for his birthday.

I especially liked the sound of the zillion firing and the eye-catching “Zi-li-o-n” jingle sound, which sounds like a synthetic voice. It had a sense of science fiction and futurism that matched the world of the work very well. The OP and ED were also in a transparent city pop style, perfectly suited to the image of this work.

The drawings are also quite excellent and very spectacular. The true essence of Japanimation can be enjoyed.

※This article is based on viewing as of March 17, 2024.

episode 1 “My Name Is J.J.”

 Episode 1 is 24 minutes 28 seconds(1468 sec)). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.


He is a sportsman and hot-blooded. He is an old-fashioned anime protagonist: impatient and reckless.
He is a calm and insightful sniper. He has a cool image that is the opposite of J.J.’s, but he also has a gag-like side with a playful expression on his face.
A heroine who can handle weapons as well as fighting. She is a character that combines strength and gentleness.



Planet Maris invaded by Nosa aliens.


Protagonists gathering at the place under attack.


J.J. cornered by Nohzas forces.


Great use of White Nuts.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (95 sec + 205 sec)

The planet Maris is invaded by Nohzas aliens who want to dominate the universe. A boy who seems to be running late, a girl with an excellent shooting record, and a brother who seems unmotivated. This is the part that introduces the setting of the story and the main characters. It tries to portray and impress the character’s personality rather than superficial information about them. The characteristics of each of the three are also three different, and they all come easily to mind.

0-1:35 OP:「ピュアストーン」結城梨沙 95 sec

Many humans lived peacefully on the planet Maris. 25 sec

Planet Maris was invaded by Nohzas aliens. 15 sec

Zillion was brought to mankind. 15 sec

A boy about to be late. 55 sec

A girl who hits a threatening hit rate in a shooting test. 25 sec

The Complaining Brother. 25 sec!

Rocket launch of a space station. 45 sec

shō (345 sec)

The space base is destroyed by the attack of Nohzas army. The Nohzas Army is targeting data chip. Champ and Apple are dispatched to the scene where J.J. is fighting, and the “White Nuts” unexpectedly gather.The audience can enjoy the delicious aspects of the animation of the time, such as the scenes of the destruction of the rocket, the battle scene with the Nohzas aliens, and the scene of Champ and Apple running down the aisle.

Rocket and base destroyed. 60 sec

White Nuts, get to the field immediately. 45 sec

Nohzas aliens’ goal is to steal data chip. 45 sec

A boy on a bicycle coming to the rescue in a girl’s pinch. 30 sec

No matter how many times you shoot, the Nohzas aliens get up. 30 sec

A boy saved by girl’s shooting. 30 sec

The boy’s name is “J.J.”. 27 sec

Recover the data chip before Nohzas forces do. 23 sec

Only White Nuts are allowed to use the “Zilion” gun. 55 sec

White Nuts finally starting up. 40 sec

ten (395 sec)

It’s an exciting part to see when the three will join each other. Champ and Apple on the go. The game between Nohzas army and J.J.’s. Many scenes are wonderfully animated.

Nohzas forces invading ruthlessly. 65 sec

J.J.’s Getaway. 60 sec

J.J. has nowhere left to run. 60 sec

Take advantage of the moment when the sensor switches. 30 sec

Their purpose is data chip. 45 sec

Champ and Apple descend on the battlefield. 30 sec

J.J.’s getaway drama begins again. 40 sec

This time they were cornered. 65 sec

ketsu (290 sec + 98 sec)

Champ and Apple appear in a desperate situation. The subsequent collaboration between the three is spectacular. J.J.’s witty line at the end is also great, very 80’s performance. This episode offers the charm of cell animation.

Champ and Apple coming to the rescue. 30 sec

J.J. holding Champ’s Zillion in his hand. 30 sec

The tremendous power of Zillion. 30 sec

White Nuts finally ready. 30 sec

Their collaboration that does not seem like the first time. 90 sec

Everyone rushing to the fallen J.J.. 30 sec

Tonight, 7:00 p.m., at the cafe at HQ. 50 sec

ED:「Push!」結城梨沙 67 sec

Preview of next. 31 sec

Scene replay

White Nuts finally starting up. 40 sec

A scene that is the culmination of the special effects culture. We don’t see much of it nowadays.

This time they were cornered. 65 sec

The dialogue was snappy and the drawings had the trucks whizzing by. The goal of animation at that time was probably to achieve Western movie quality.

Their collaboration that does not seem like the first time. 90 sec

If I see something like this, I’ll watch it again next week. Each person instantly finds what they need to do and does it. As a result, they work together. This is the “teamwork” that I have heard somewhere.


The level of everything is high and shows the creator’s spirit.
The sound of Zillion’s launch, which sounds fresh even today, can be said to be a part of this.Its sound, a fusion of beams and bullets, was truly symbolic of the work’s sense of mystery and futurism.

The personalities of the characters and the eeriness of the Nohzas are also well depicted, and it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in the future. It is mysterious and interesting that the destructive power of Zillion was not created by mankind, but came from a supercivilization.

J.J., Champ, and Apple each have their own charms and disparate personalities, but the tension rises when they work together exquisitely in their first battle as White Nuts. Combined with the quality of the drawings, it is a ridiculously hot scene.

Although Apple, who captivated the boys of the time, was less active, the final scene alone will convey her charm. She didn’t hit J.J. after he did that. It’s no wonder she is so popular, as she can handle combat and action with ease, but also has a maternal nature.

It is often said that animation was at its best in the 80s and 90s, and watching this film gives a nod to that. There is something exciting about the movement depicted by cell animation.