[anime review] 86―EIGHTY SIX― #01 “Undertaker”



“86―EIGHTY SIX―” is an anime about the war against the Legion, an autonomous unmanned fighting machine developed by the Giadian Empire. The worldview and setting are very complex, and the content is not only about war, but also about discrimination and human relations. It’s pretty hard to understand all of that.

From the beginning of #01, there are so many technical terms and mechanisms that it’s hard to understand. It’s difficult to distinguish between the Republic and the Empire, it’s hard to immediately determine which side the protagonist is on, and apparently the internal situation of the country is complicated… It just gives you a complicated impression.

The protagonist is a soldier of the Republic and the Republic is fighting against the Legion, an unmanned combat machine developed by the Empire. The Republic opposes the Legion with the unmanned combat machine “Juggernaut”. The main character, Lena, is cute. If you are a first-time viewer, it will be a little easier to understand if you watch the movie with this in mind. The rest of the content will come naturally to you if you watch the anime.

When it comes to war stories and science fiction, the only thing that stands out is how difficult it is to understand, but 86 is more than just that. The expressions and movements of the characters, vividly depicted in a way that contradicts the bleak worldview, are very appealing and full of humanity.

I think the details of the story will be revealed in the coming episodes. It may be a little hard to get into, but I think it’s an anime work that you can enjoy just by following your favorite characters.

※This article is based on viewing as of April 25,2020.

#01 “Undertaker”

#01 is 23 minutes 40 seconds(1420 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.

The story has a very complicated setting, so I want to organize the information a little so that you can understand the world. I don’t know much about it either.

<Republic of San Magnolia>
Story setting of #01. The battle against the Legion, an autonomous unmanned combat machine developed by the Giadian Empire, continues. There are two sections: Section 85, where the relatively wealthy whites live, and Section 86, where the colored species live. However, Section 86 is not even recognized as existing, and the people living there are called “pigs” and not treated as “people”.

<86> (Eighty Six)
Common name for people living in Section 86 of the Republic of San Magnolia. They board the Juggernaut and fight on the front lines, but they are not treated as human beings, so even if they die in battle, they are not counted as casualties.

An autonomous unmanned combat machine developed by the Republic of San Magnolia for use against the Legion. But in fact, 86 are on board.

A commander of a unit of juggernauts.

A crew member of the Juggernaut. They are called this because they are treated as parts, not people.The elite who have survived long enough have two names: personal names.

Perception synchronization.A technique for synchronizing the consciousnesses of others to share perceptions.

<RAID device>
A choker-type device that handlers wear around their necks in order to use Para-RAID. The handler and processor use this to synchronize their hearing and do something like radio communication.

<Spearhead Squadron>
The First Defense Squadron of the First Eastern Front. A squad of only the elite.The captain is Undertaker.

<Lena> (Vladilena Milizé)
She is an excellent soldier who was promoted to Major at the youngest age. She does not discriminate against 86 and tries to be actively involved. She is assigned to be the handler of the elite unit Spearhead as her predecessor is retiring. Beautiful girl.

<Annette> (Henrietta von Penrose)
Lena’s best friend. Chief researcher of Para-RAID. Beautiful girl.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (290 sec)

Rough battlefield. 28 sec

They’re getting a little crazy. 40 sec

First, a salute. 27 sec

May 13. Uncomfortable breakfast 15 sec

A common city scene. 22 sec

distorted reporting. 42 sec

The Facts of War. 41 sec

The enemy will be gone in two years. 25 sec

Pigs in 86. 20 sec

Meaning unmanned. 30 sec


Fierce battle.There are no confirmed casualties in the Republic.There are no people living in 86.In ki, it shows the distorted reality of war in the Republic.

shō (270 sec)

In the Control room. 75 sec

Lena is capable. 50 sec

Undertaker, the God of Death. 45 sec

The Voice of Ghosts. 30 sec

Too Serious Raina. 50 sec

Designate as handler. 20 sec


Lena, is a brilliant soldier but too serious for her father’s taste.The elite unit Spearhead Squadron has the Grim Reaper.In shō, It is introducing the main character, Lena, and Spearhead, and Lena’s designation as Spearhead’s handler.

ten (360 sec)

It’s true, there have been suicides. 35秒

Synchronization of the senses. 75 sec

Annette worried about Lena. 50 sec

synthetic food. 35 sec

Annette has no luck with men. 37 sec

May 20. Death of the Pleiades. Seven other people. 48 sec

Handover of responsibilities. 30 sec

Say hello to the god of death. 15 sec

Start of synchronization. 35 sec


It seems that the food situation in the Republic of San Magnolia is not so good.The girlish side of Lena and Annette.For a change, scenes of severe battles, sharp expressions.In ten, it depicts the gap between everyday life and the battlefield, and LeSna’s anxiety as she changes into Spearhead’s handler.

ketsu (405 sec + 95 sec)

May 12. A room in contrast to Lena’s. 20 sec

Cleaning with everyone. 25 sec

Don’t interfere. 20 sec

They’ve crushed five of their handlers. 25 sec

It’s breakfast time! Let’s eat! 30 sec

Lively breakfast. Reverse discrimination. 45 sec

Our God of Death. 20 sec

May 22. Fierce battle. 30 sec

Everyone is watching over. Don’t want to die. 30 sec

Promise. 40 sec

This is the work of the god of death. 15 sec

He died well. 15 sec

And back to the usual days. 50 sec

Greetings from Lena. Sneer at her. 20 sec

Undertaker. 25 sec

Ending theme. 90 sec

Next preview. 5 sec


Unlike the rumors, Spearhead has a friendly mood.But when the battle begins, death is all around them.Scrapes off the fuselage and carves the names of his comrades-in-arms to make an memorial service, this is the Undertaker.In ketsu, it depicts the daily life and reality of a Spearhead.And Lena takes over as handler.

Scene replay

Synchronization of the senses. 75 sec

Composition: 5 3 3 3 1 4 5 3 4 6 11 3 8 10 4 2 

5 sec

3 sec
I’m excited.

3 sec
Detailed description.

3 sec
Undo hair.

1 sec
Open the door.

4 sec
Facial expressions and hand gestures.

5 sec
Know the structure of the room.

3 sec
This is the device.

4 sec
This is what it looks like from the outside.

6 sec
I love Annette’s expression.

11 sec
The way Lena sits is fine.

3 sec
A look of “huh…”.

8 sec
Explanation Scene.

10 sec
Slow Camera.

4 sec
Annette speaks with her back.

2 sec
A look that reminds her of something.

How to connect the cuts so that the structure of the building can be somewhat understood. With Raina on the left of the screen and Annette on the right, the positional relationship doesn’t change, so you can listen to the story without confusion.

Annette worried about Lena. 50 sec

Composition: 8 4 8 7 7 5 5 3 3

8 sec
Annette’s dad is great.

4 sec
Oh, yeah?

8 sec
Casual pose. Gaze and expression.

7 sec
I like her expression.

7 sec
Hand movements and gestures

5 sec

5 sec
Oh, my God, you…

3 sec

3 sec
She is aware of her inflexible personality.

The screen is easy to see because the positioning doesn’t move. The characters’ gestures and expressions are rich. Raina is good, but Annette is also good.


In #01, the dates are also back and forth, which makes it even more complicated. It might be better to put them in chronological order for once.

May 12.
Spearhead’s Daily Life.

May 13.
Lena’s Daily Life. The decision to transfer her.

May 20.
Pleiades died.

May 22.
Kujō died. Lena’s appointment.

Even though it’s an anime about war, there’s a lot of effort put into the daily scenes. I guess this means that an important aspect of this anime is the individual appeal of its characters. The interaction between Raina and the Undertaker is also a highlight, and we can expect more drama from Spearhead’s friends.

In the narrative scenes with a lot of explanations, instead of just sliding the camera back and forth and letting the characters talk, there are more cuts and more detailed performances by the characters, so you can watch the explanatory scenes to the end without getting bored.

Serious story and attractive characters. I think you’ll find it interesting as long as you watch it. It will be interesting to see how the anime conveys the appeal of this work, which is full of information about the relationships between countries, the internal affairs of each country, and racial issues.

I’ll support Lena to the end.