[anime review] Lycoris Recoil Episode1 “Easy does it”


Lycoris Recoil

“Lycoris Recoil” is an original animated film about agent girls in Japan.

Japan, the setting of this work, is ostensibly at peace. In reality, however, the crimes were actually crushed in advance by the activities of “Lycorice,” an agent of the secret organization DA (Direct Attack). The idea that the Japanese are a mild-mannered and safe nation was created by lycoris.

Due to an incident, Takina Inoue is transferred from DA to the cafe “LycoReco” and is paired with Chisato, who is known as the strongest lycoris of all time. The chatty and lively Chisato and the rational and cool Takina. Will the two objectively work well together?

The two are in a pinch: Takina, who is in a hurry, and Chisato, who is calmly getting out of a pinch. Once involved in a major case, it is interesting to see a different side of each person from their usual personality. Takina’s growth, Chisato’s past, the secret of the organization DA, and the mysterious man …… are full of interesting elements. ……

※This article is based on viewing as of July 7,2022.

Episode1 “Easy does it”

Episode 1 is 23 minutes 40 seconds(1420 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.


錦木 千束 (Nishikigi Chisato)
She usually works at the coffee shop “LycoReco” and goes around solving small problems that occur in the private sector. She is a talented person who has been called the strongest Lycoris of all time.
井ノ上 たきな (Inoue Takina)
She is a person who is good at performing missions in a rational manner. She was unwillingly fired from her job at DA and transferred to the coffee shop “LycoReco”.
中原 ミズキ (Mizuki Nakahara)
She is a former DA agent. Currently, she spends her days at Cafe “LycoReco” thinking about her marriage.
ミカ (Mika)
He is the manager of the coffee shop “LycoReco” and takes private requests at “LycoReco”. He is a former DA training instructor.

Peace is ostensibly kept in Japan by the activities of “Lycorice,” agents of the secret organization DA. Takina Inoue was moved to the coffee shop “LycoReco” for disobeying orders while on duty.


Takina arrives at Cafe “LycoReco” after being transferred from DA. The reason for Takina’s transfer was allegedly her stand-up act, which was an excuse to protect DA. There is an excellent lycoris in the cafe “LycoReco”. With that in mind, Takina was also enthusiastic about buddying up with Chisato.


Despite Takina’s feelings, her missions with Chisato were all about being a handyman. Takina, who wants to return to DA as soon as possible, complains to Chisato about the punishment. At that time, the police ask the two of them to respond to a stalker.


Chisato taunts Takina for baiting their client. Then, Chisato showed Takina what she could do. Chisato tries to outsmart DA for Takina’s return to DA. Chisato and Takina, two different but somehow similar buddies, formed.

Highlights of Episode 1

  • Attractive characters
  • Chisato’s ability as an agent
  • Where the Story Goes

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (300 sec)

Symbol of Peace “Enkūboku”. 35 sec

Call from Mika. 10 sec

Lycoris supporting peace in the shadows. 50 sec

System is down. 45 sec

Takina ignoring orders. 40 sec

End of situation. 40 sec

Transferred to coffee shop “LycoReco”. 30 sec

News and Marriage. 35 sec

Takina Inoue. 15 sec

shō (275 sec)

That’s not true. 20 sec

Mika and Mizuki. 20 sec

Chisato is coming. 20 sec

Superabundantly chatty. 35 sec

Welcome to LycoReco! 30 sec

Chisato is an excellent agent. 45 sec

It was a bad idea to sweep them up. 50 sec

To protect DA. 35 sec

Takina, onēchan. 20 sec

ten (375 sec)

Mission? 85 sec

For people in need. 103 sec

Woman victim of stalking. 37 sec

Complaints about this disposition. 30 sec

Meaning of the action. 55 sec

No ex-boyfriends. 35 sec

It was worse. 30 sec

ketsu (389 sec + 101 sec)

Grow anxious. 40 sec

Takina senses the presence of the culprit. 30 sec

Takina baited the client. 20 sec

Hurried Chisato. Panicked culprit. 25 sec

Random firing, Takina. 30 sec

Takina’s Rational Thinking. 30 sec

Chisato’s strategy. 25 sec

Act quickly. 15 sec

The strategy is “Life is Important”. 45 sec

Chisato’s familiar post-processing. 15 sec

Hacker and Alan Adams. 60 sec

Chisato’s selfish behavior. 35秒

So charming! 19 sec

ED : 「花の塔」さユり
“Hana no Tō” Sayuri 101 sec


Scene replay

Welcome to LycoReco! 30 sec

The dialogue, facial expressions, and voice acting are all sublimated into the charm of the character Chisato.

For people in need. 103 sec

Collapsed Symbol. What was created by the break? It should have relation to the protection of their daily little things.

So charming! 19 sec

Chisato is distraught by Takina’s cuteness. Excellent voice acting.


The drawings are good and the action is pleasant. The story is easy to understand and mysterious, which makes me curious about the future. After all, the characters are very attractive.

Mika and Mizuki, not to mention Takina and Chisato, seem to have considerable hidden strength as agents. Alan, who is the mastermind behind the incident but boldly comes to LycoReco, is also a person of concern.

As for the voice acting, Chisato is particularly addictive, giving us the charm of a life-sized girl. Combined with the good quality of the drawings, she even looks shining. I just hope she doesn’t fall into the Dark Side, because I like bright characters.

The relationships between the characters are easy to grasp, and there are scenes that seem to say, “This is foreshadowing,” which I think is quite good for the first episode. The fact that it is an original animation is also a high point. It is a work I would very much like to support.