[anime review] Teasing Master Takagi-san (season3) 2 “Presence” Others


Teasing Master Takagi-san (season3)

“Teasing Master Takagi-san” is a romantic comedy in which Takagi-san teases Nishikata, who is a bit ditzy and unreliable. This is the third season of the series, but you don’t have to have seen the previous ones to enjoy this one.

The level of Takagi-san’s acting throughout the work is high and will be Heartthrob for both men and women! Nishikata, the target of the teasing, is also more honest and hardworking than I envied, so I can understand why Takagi-san teases him and why he likes Nishikata.

The second episode depicts a day in the life of them: going to school, school, and after school (probably). The five stories, including the episodes of the sub-characters, are well organized into a “single day”.

In the Takagi-san series, songs are also highlighted as an important element. The song selection this time was also excellent, expressing the “springtime of life” that makes me want to go back to my school days.

※This article is based on viewing as of January 22,2022.

2 “Presence” Others

2 is 23 minutes 37 seconds(1417 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.

<the characters>

A boy in junior high school who is the protagonist of this story. The other main character, Takagi-san, and he are seated next to each other. He is a softie and is always teased by Takagi-san.
The girl who is always teasing Nishikata. It’s obvious that he likes Nishikata, but she’s trying not to let he know it.
Mina Hibino
A girl with thick eyebrows. A classmate of Nishikata and Takagi-san, along with Yukari and Sanae.
Yukari Tenkawa
A girl with glasses.
Sanae Tsukimoto
A girl in a languid mood.

Takagi-san follows Nishikata on his way to school. Nishikata senses Takagi-san’s presence, but can’t find any evidence. Takagi-san smiles at Nishikata who is trying to beat her up. However, Nishikata was defeated as usual by Takagi-san, who was waiting for him.


Yukari follows after Mina. Yukari was on the edge of her seat as Mina’s mind wandered from place to place. Yukari thought she had successfully followed Mina without her noticing, but Mina had already noticed (but she didn’t seem to realize that she was being followed). However, the winner was Sanae, who had been following them without being noticed.


The stage changes to their classroom. Takagi-san says to Nishikata, “I think there was an inspection of my belongings …….”. So they decided to do a rehearsal together. Nishikata was also teased by Takagi-san. He tried to fight back, but he couldn’t win against Takagi-san.
Takagi-san and Nishikata are assigned to work as book committee members during the lunch break. Takagi-san suggested to Nishikata that since there were no people coming and they were bored, they should pick books for each other. Nishikata admires Takagi-san’s side face as she reads a book. At that moment, Takagi-san told him that she love he.


Let him think …… that it was actually a line from a book, …… but that was also a lie, “I love you,” was Takagi-san’s true intention.
On her way home from shopping, Takagi-san spotted Nishikata and happily ran up to him. Nishikata said he was on a jog. Nishikata answers confidently that he sometimes goes to the other beach. He heads for the beach, hoping to get the approval of Takagi-san, who doubts it. Nishikata finally arrived at the beach, but Takagi-san was waiting for him there. As usual, Nishikata is teased by Takagi-san. They sat on the beach and the setting sun was staring at them.

Highlights of 2

  • Takagi-san’s facial expressions, movements and voice acting were delicately expressed.
  • The exchange of “feelings” between Nishikata and Takagi-san
  • Experiencing “springtime of life”.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (90 sec + 295 sec)

OP : “まっすぐ” 大原ゆい子 90 sec

Takagi-san hiding. 15 sec

Takagi-san, you’re so thin! 30 sec

Takagi-san looking happy. 30 sec

“Takagi-san” meter rising. 35 sec

This time. 40 sec

Maybe he’s wrong. 20 sec

Revenge. 30 sec

Be excited. 30 sec

Excellent performance. 10 sec

She already knew. 55 sec

shō (150 sec)

The one everyone does so well. 20 sec

Unreliable. 30 sec

Misleading behavior. 35 sec

This girl is really…. 40 sec

She noticed. 15 sec

Sanae, you’re a schemer. 10 sec

ten (405 sec)

Day shift for two. 45 sec

She did it again. 60 sec

Shee’s already got you. 30 sec

Takagi-san in a relaxed mood. 30 sec

She’s been toying with him from the start. 60 sec

Book Committee. 30 sec

A chance to be alone with each other every week. 30 sec

Selecting books for each other. 60 sec

Takagi-san’s been watching Nishikata. 20 sec

Nishikata admiring Takagi-san. 15 sec

I love you. 25 sec

ketsu (387 sec + 90 sec)

Shee got him. 20 sec

Takagi-san is no longer hiding her true feelings. 50 sec

Takagi-san runs up to him in happiness. 10 sec

He is a hard worker. 30 sec

Nishikata, easy to operate. 30 sec

Hmm. You want to be appreciated. 60 sec

Report to Takagi-san. 30 sec

She’s here…/// 30 sec

I don’t think you need any more excuses. 40 sec

Is that really all? 20 sec

Pulling her leg closer. 15 sec

Takagi-san, aren’t you beautiful… hey, Nishikata. 15 sec

You lost, Nishikata. 37 sec

ED : “Over Drive” 高木さん (CV:高橋李依) 90 sec

Be excited. 30 sec

Takagi-san runs up to him in happiness. 10 sec

It’s so cute that her love for Nishikata comes out in places like this.。

She noticed. 15 sec

What had been a prestigious silent-style animation up to this point was cut short by Mina’s voice. This scene provides a lead-in to the next part. The direction and acting are excellent, with the personality of Mina, who speaks in a carefree manner, standing out.

I love you. 25 sec

Takagi-san’s charm is that he suddenly says things like this.

Pulling her leg closer. 15 sec

The pull of this foot is an expression of Takagi-san’s determination. This action gives meaning to Takagi-san’s next line, “I could see the sunset with Nishikata”, which is not a tease, but a true feeling. And that leads to the meaning of Takagi-san’s refreshing expression as she stares at the setting sun. It’s like dominoes falling.


The series “Teasing Master Takagi-san” is a series that allows students of today, as well as myself who used to be a student, to experience ” springtime of life”.

The scenery of the town where Takagi-san and Nishikata live gives me a sense of nostalgia, and the OP, ED, and insert songs play famous songs that have become “nostalgic melodies” and make me feel the atmosphere of my youth.

“Runner” is used as the background music in the scene where Nishikata is running towards the beach, and “Over Drive” is played after the scene of them staring at the setting sun. Both are great songs for Japanese people.

By experiencing the story with the famous songs of the past playing in the background, I am able to receive “springtime of life” not as a memory but as a new experience.

There are many works that objectively show us springtime of life. However, I think it is valuable to have a work that lets you experience “springtime of life” like the “Teasing Master Takagi-san” series.

By the last episode, I might be clapping my hands and dancing and crying.