[anime review] CYBER CITY OEDO 808 DATA-1 “Memories of the Past”


“CYBER CITY OEDO 808” is an original video animation that was released from 1990 to 1991. Currently, it is available via subscription, Blu-ray and DVD. There is also a novel version of the story that is different from the anime, but this one seems to be only available used as of 2021.

Each story is made up of three separate episodes, with the same characters, but the story protagonists are rotated among the three main characters. The main character of DATA-1 is “Sengoku”, DATA-2 is “Gogul” and DATA-3 is “Benten”. All of them are masterpiece, so I think they are still interesting enough to be used today.

The drawing and direction of the background is a highlight, but the coolness of the characters’ light-hearted conversations and dialogues is also worth noting. As it is an OVA, the length of each story was generous, and I got the impression that they packed in as much as they wanted.

The opening and ending themes are also like the music of the time, easy to listen to and remember. Good old rock music that I can sing along with is comfortable for old men.

This anime is over 30 years old, but the passion that went into it has not faded one bit. Even now, more than 30 years later, it is still this work worth watching.

※This article is based on viewing as of May 31,2021.

DATA-1 “Memories of the Past”

Episode 1 is 41 minutes 55 seconds(2515 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.

<The characters>

Shunsuke Sengoku
His code name is “Sengoku”. The main character of DATA-1. He has a bad way with words and uses forceful methods to solve cases.

Gabimaru Rikiya
His code name is “Gogul”. The main character of DATA-2. He has a rugged body, but he is smart and good at hacking computers.

Merrill Yanagawa
His code name is “Benten”. The main character of DATA-3. With his feminine good looks and flexibility, he can cut through enemies with his quick movements and thin wires.

A robot that assists Sengoku and the others . He is usually with Sengoku. Sengoku calls him “Tin Man(In Japanese, Buriki Yarou)”.

Juzo Hasegawa
Director of the Cybercrime Investigation Bureau of the Cyber Police. Instead of commuting the sentences of the criminals, Sengoku and the others, he turned them into mobile detectives.

Kyōko Jōnouchi
A new female police officer who is backing up Sengoku and the others.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (510 sec)

Three prisoners to be called. 60 sec

If they catch the perpetual telekinetic criminals, they’ll get their sentences commuted. 60 sec

Opening Theme. 115 sec

Bay Bridge 13 activated. 65 sec

Sengoku arrested the culprit. 60 sec

Hangover Sengoku. 60 sec

Man in high orbital building. 60 sec

Coercion. Title. 30 sec


The three of them are turned into mobile detectives. The character of the wild Sengoku. In ki, it introduces the setting of the story and the main character and depicts the beginning of the events of this episode.

shō (701 sec)

Call of Hasegawa Juzo 55 sec

Traffic jam. A small reduction of sentence. 65 sec

The main computer’s been hacked. You have 24 hours to catch whoever did this. 45 sec

OEDO will be in chaos. Your headless corpses will line the streets. 55 sec

Dave Kurokawa. 13 sec

OEDO in chaos. 27 sec

Who’s better, machines or humans? 39 sec

Operators overwhelmed with responses. 21 sec

A capable man “Gogul”. Okyou is involved in an incident. 60 sec

A reliable man, “Sengoku”. 35 sec

Main Computer Office. 35 sec

Laser traps. 65 sec

Sengoku will infiltrate through a different route. 80 sec

Infiltration success. 35 sec

The real culprit is Yoshikazu Amachi. 71 sec


Even though they are detectives, they are treated as criminals. If they don’t complete the mission in time, their heads will roll. I feel sorry for Benten’s suicide mission because it was pointless.In shō, it depicts an investigation that makes use of the personalities of the three. And the culprit of this incident is discovered..

ten (600 sec)

Communication Tracing. All focused on the skyscraper. 22 sec

Amachi is missing. 40 sec

The target is Kurokawa. Warning. 48 sec

Varsus is active. 60 sec

Dirty man, Kurokawa. 60 sec

Confession. 70 sec

The culprit is in the 63rd corridor. 60 sec

Prepare to attack from satellite. 65 sec

Amachi’s onslaught. The Struggle of Three. 60 sec

Stopping the gyrobalancer. 45 sec

Order to kill Kurokawa. 70 sec


Versus is treated badly by Sengoku. I’m glad he’s doing well. Amachi was in fact the victim.Amachi tries to get revenge in every way possible.In ten, the truth of the incident is revealed, but the onslaught of Amachi puts them in a serious bind.

ketsu (520 sec + 184 sec)

Violation of an order. Arriving at the 63rd Corridor. 60 sec

Sengoku found a strange machine. 60 sec

His true identity is Amachi. 30 sec

Attacks will be calculated. 30 sec

Pinch in all directions. 60 sec

An unpredictable blow. Kurokawa died. 60 sec

OEDO revived. Mission complete. 55 sec

Sighing Sengoku. 25 sec

Sengoku take his anger out on Varsus. 50 sec

Vengeance Fulfilled. 50 sec

Before I get old. 25 sec

I’ll take the collar off. 15 sec

Ending Theme 184 sec


I’m happy to see certain developments such as integration with machines and unpredictable blows. It’s a pity that they saved OEDO and now they have to serve more jail time. Our fight is just beginning! In ketsu, the past fate and the case are solved, but Sengoku’s sentence is extended. But Sengoku is not disheartened.

Scene replay

Call of Hasegawa Juzo. 55 sec

Contrast of light and shadow. The key is the unique hand-drawn effect. The part about kicking in the refrigerator door is awesome.

Amachi’s onslaught. The Struggle of Three. 60 sec

Composition : 4 6 6 2 2 1 3 1 2 1 2 3 1 1 2 5 3 1 3 2 2 3 3 1

4 sec
A side view of running legs.

6 sec
Run forward. Enemy in pursuit.

6 sec
Overhead view from diagonally. Jump.

2 sec
Benten takes out his “Jutte”.

2 sec
Incoming enemy.

1 sec
Take out the wire.

3 sec
Cut off.

1 sec
Sengoku’s shooting.

2 sec
Hit and explode.

1 sec
One more.

2 sec
And one from behind.

3 sec

1 sec
The Running Flash.

1 sec

2 sec
Now three.

5 sec
Handling of Benten.

3 sec
Aiming the satellite.

1 sec

3 sec
Close it. Open it.

2 sec
The satellite is targeting again.

2 sec
Desperate struggle.

3 sec
Tireless hard work.

3 sec
Sengoku heading for his destination.

1 sec
There’s something wrong with the skyscraper.

A tense scene with rapid-fire attacks. I feel nostalgia for the way enemies run and the way explosions are expressed.


A future city ruled by computers was a common setting in the past. In addition, the setting of this film is the capital of Japan, OEDO, which has become the top of the world, a setting that is now a laughing stock. Indeed, this was a time when all Japanese people were under the mistaken impression that Tokyo would become the center of the world in the future.

Aside from that, this work is a masterpiece in terms of scenario, music, and direction, This work is a masterpiece in every way. The main characters are all very peculiar. The sense of dialogue is also very aesthetically pleasing and makes me think it’s cool.

The use of colors on the screen is typical of robot and cyberpunk films of the time, but the use of light and shadow is outstanding and memorable. The use of guns and beams is flashy and cool, but the scenes expressed through the way shadows are added are even cooler.

In DATA-1, the heroine is a rookie policewoman named Okyo, but in DATA-2 and DATA-3, the heroines are both “mature”, good-looking women. The point is that she is neither “moe” nor “cute,” but a “good” woman. It’s probably an endangered species in today’s anime, including its design.

You can watch it for the old man in retrospect, you can watch it for the bored man with too much time on his hands, or you can watch it for the big name voice actors. Anyway, if you can find some reason to watch it, I think it’s worth it. I don’t think they make expensive cel animation anymore.