[anime review] URUSEI YATSURA EPISODE 1 “Young Love on the Run” / “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”


URUSEI YATSURA 1 “Young Love on the Run” / “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

An animated adaptation of a well-known manga classic has come down again. Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the start of the broadcast. I am one of them. It was a great pleasure to reassure me each time a follow-up report came out.

Many young people are now unfamiliar with the original, and I am curious to know what they thought of it.

My impression is that I felt the love of the entire production team for the original work and enjoyed it to the fullest. Their work showed me the potential to go beyond mere reproduction of old works. The spirit of “Urusei Yatsura” was successfully carried on.

※This article is based on viewing as of October 23,2022.

EPISODE 1 “Young Love on the Run” / “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

EPISODE 1 is 22 minutes 50 seconds(1370 sec). I divided this episode into four parts in the Japanese way. The method is “ki-shō-ten-ketsu“.

“ki” is the introduction. “shō” is the development. “ten” is the turn. “ketsu” is the conclusion.

I should say that all the divisions are done at my own discretion.


Ataru Moroboshi
High school student at Tomobiki High School. He has a girlfriend named Shinobu, but he is a flirt and loves all women.
An ogre girl who plays tag with Ataru as a representative of invaders.
Shinobu Miyake
Ataru’s childhood friend and girlfriend.


Moroboshi Ataru, a boy who loves girls, was chosen to represent Earth by invaders from a UFO that flew in from outer space. The invaders then decided to play tag with Ataru for the rights to dominate the earth. Ataru was not keen on the idea, but when he found out that his opponent was a cute ogre girl, he became more motivated.


The game of tag, which seemed to have started with a relaxed attitude on both sides, proceeded with an overwhelming advantage for Lum. Just before the final day, Ataru was almost crushed by the pressure. At that time, Shinobu reached out to Ataru.


Ataru was about to lose, but Shinobu’s promise of marriage inspired him and he managed to hug Ram. Ataru wins a major upset. But for some reason, Ataru ends up marrying Lum.


Ataru is running out of patience with Lum, who stays at home. He manages to kick her out and calls his girlfriend Shinobu. But Lum interrupted them with radio waves from her spaceship. Shinobu and Ataru managed to meet through a lightning storm unleashed by Lum with the power of love. In a jealous rage, Lum made a suicide attack on both of them with her spaceship. It is his destiny

Highlights of the EPISODE 1

  • Ataru and Lum’s game of tag.
  • Lum and Shinobu’s cuteness.
  • Lum’s fan art drawn by many fans that colors SNS.

Background colored text is the scene that is eligible for scene replay.

ki (308 sec + 90 sec)

Attack of the spaceship. 45 sec

Ataru the Cheater. 45 sec

Misunderstanding. 35 sec

Anyway, bad. 35 sec

Forced repatriation. 20 sec

We are invaders. 20 sec

Playing tag for the earth. 38 sec

Appearance of Lum! 27 sec

Ataru with ulterior motives. 43 sec

OP:「“アイウエ” feat. 美波, SAKURAmoti」MAISONdes 90 sec


This is the part where Ataru is chosen to represent the earth and plays tag with Lum for the earth.

shō (232 sec)

Tag Game Day 1. 22 sec

Two people who still have room in their hearts for more. 50 sec

Lum’s overwhelming advantage. 40 sec

In a losing mood. 20 sec

I should never have had him. 38 sec

Ataru despairs. 32 sec

A time when marriage became bait. 30 sec

The part where the overwhelming ability of Lam and the pressure of the earth almost crushes Ataru.

ten (222 sec)

Marriage! Marriage! 20 sec

Deadly blitz. 25 sec

Lum getting more and more fun. 30 sec

Legendary Scenes. 15 sec

Ataru’s strategy wins. 30 sec

Two eyes looking at Ataru. 20 sec

Son-in-law. 40 sec

Darling♡ 42 sec

The part where Ataru wins over Lum and Ataru and Lum get married.

ketsu (243 sec + 95 sec)

Get out of my house! 13 sec

Divorce! 20 sec

Finally talk to Shinobu. 30 sec

Ready to fight to the bitter end. 30 sec

A model of stupidity. 20 sec

Father is helpless. 15 sec

The Power of Love. 40 sec

Black hole in a love triangle. 50 sec

What he can do as a father. 55 sec

The old type of gag. 15 sec

Melodramatic parody-1. 50 sec

Suicide attack gag. 20 sec

Melodramatic parody-2. 35 sec

The usual blitz. 30 sec

ED:「トウキョウ・シャンディ・ランデヴ feat. 花譜, ツミキ」MAISONdes 90 sec


Preview of next story. 5 sec

This part shows the love triangle between Shinobu, Ataru and Lum.

Scene replay

Appearance of Lum! 27 sec

A heroine has just appeared! She is so cute.

Lum getting more and more fun. 30 sec

Lum is getting to enjoy being pursued by him because of Ataru’s seriousness.

Melodramatic parody-1. 50 sec

It is doubtful if it can be understood by today’s youth. A very nostalgic groove.


The tempo is by far the fastest compared to today’s animation. But the old ones were much shorter. It is still longer than the old film by less than two and a half minutes due to the spaceship attack scene at the beginning, the scene where Lum stays at home at the end, and other minor drawings and direction.

The second half, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” is a fast-paced episode that could be called a “TV manga” and moves along at a brisk pace as if it were a series of short comic strips. For the generation that watches anime on fast forward or double speed, this style may be more suitable than the slow storytelling style.

The OP theme and ED theme also enhance the atmosphere of the work with up-to-date images and music. The jokes about smart phones and otaku dancing, combined with the liveliness of the songs, express the messiness of “Urusei Yatsura” and are very enjoyable.

The effect of the OP, especially after the first five minutes depicting the encounter between Ataru and Lum, is tremendous: “Come on, ‘Urusei Yatsura’ is starting !” This shows the confidence and determination of the production team. Some Japanese aunts and uncles may have been moved to tears here. In Japan, there are many fans who care about this work that much.

“Urusei Yatsura” is not only the founder of romantic comedy or that Lum is attractive. It’s stylish, cute, experimental, cutting-edge, sophisticated, and yet supremely geeky. After all, it is a mixture of science fiction and yokai. It is a work that could only have been created in Japan.

From the beginning of the episode, which recreates the 80s, the OP suddenly begins with the current culture of 2022. This can’t just end up being a remake, …… I would think. And that is what “Urusei Yatsura” is all about.